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First 10 –  preterit tense stem changing verbs (Practica 1) in class. Ay Caramba over MARIANELA vocabulary                                                                             2. More with subjunctive – past follows past and present mixed in. Plus so many more that we have already used! Speaking: Share what you wrote in groups of 6 – 10. Also, prepare for PPT slide(s)  and your 1 minute presentation about what your did over the summer for Friday. We will go over the last 9 on Monday, but I have also attached them here for you. Take a look at how variation occurs. Homework: Continue to prepare and practice for your presentations tomorrow and Friday. Assigned: Quiz tomorrow over ser/estar (and adjectives that change meaning) and gustar verbs (see your chart) in various tenses. Assigned: Start to review and practice the vocabulary from chapter 2 of our book. HOMEWORK: Prepare for your presentation. Homework: Bring back signed syllabus form and bring a diario to leave in class. Review of the homework using preterit and imperfect tenses. Assign: Practica 9 SI clause sentences for hypothetical speaking and for certain outcomes. List words that you understand better this time.

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The writing prompts for the essay part of the FE will also be over these same themes. Assigned: p. 64 and the op half of p. Tarea: continue to go over the list of adjectives that change meaning between SER and ESTAR and use the quizlet activity provided today. I recommend you put your slides on something easy to open quickly at school…flashdrive or student account for example. After the quiz we read Tratados 4 and 5, both as a class and in our groups, creative writing tuition centre and worked on the activity packet over these two chapters. Homework:  Complete the assigned activities in the subjunctive packet (Acts 5 and 6) – read the situations carefully and decide the best way to respond. Homework:  Review and practice vocabulary, Tema 3, chapter 3 and complete the front of Practica 18 (SI clauses with both hypothetical sentences and those that are not). HOMEWORK:  Finish the subjunctive packet with phrases of wish and asking for forgiveness or permission. MONDAY, BE PREPARED TO COMPLETE THE LAST SECTION OR TWO OF THE WRITTEN PART OF THE TEST. Homework: First 3 activities of the subjunctive phrases communication packet. ASSIGNED: Test tomorrow over chapters 1 and 3 de Tema I. Homework:  Enjoy your week of vacation! Students paired up the new vocabulary with definitions, but will finish this activity on Monday. Concluding sentences to summarize it all. We discussed the reading strategies that work when reading in a second language and those that don’t. See how cells interpret DNA sentences.

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Journals to be collected for grading on Friday.. Prepare- Listening test on Wednesday over vocabulary definitions. HOMEWORK: Finish Practica 2 – Preterit on front and imperfect on the back. HOMEWORK: Complete Practica 8 (both sides) – present subjunctive, resume writing service livingsocial imperfect subjunctive and infinitives in sentences. Assigned: Pre-reading activities to complete and read the first part of the story. We went over the study packet today as well as the “to become” verbs quiz we took awhile ago. Assigned: Finish the note taking sheet over the present subjunctive – both sides done. Learn about some of the less-known roles of RNA. Students either volunteered to present tomorrow or were selected. Subjunctive practice – situations in which you may wish to request something, apologize for something, bench creative writing or wish someone well. Assigned: Practice sheet over the irregular preterit verbs. You will have a test on Wednesday over these adjectives, ser vs estar in the past tenses, sri lanka army service writing and gustar verbs in various tenses. Make sure to have checked for all requirements and the quality of the content as well as the dialogue’s structure.

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Learn about the genetic underpinnings of biological clocks. Here are the requirements that you must include when speaking…sharing the speaking load evenly between the two speakers:                                                                                                        a. Assigned: Study if you are taking the FE and complete the study. SI clauses – on PPT for class practice and then move into 2 rows for pair speak –  4 prompts. Assigned: Study for the quiz tomorrow over the definitions of vocabulary words, chapter 6. Bring this annotated article to class tomorrow. Assigned:   Continue to read tratado 3 and prepare for the quiz tomorrow over por and para as well as the first 3 tratados (we will quiz at the end of the class period). Same activities as in other states? DNA analysis can help build the family tree. Then compare to the effect of glass panes. Your email address will not be published. Also, read the information about your next presentation on Friday, 10/30. Assign: Complete Practica #2 tha you received in class today – preterit on the front and preterit or imperfect on the back. Homework:  Be safe and rest up for a full week of studies and learning next week!

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