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Sometimes when you do not get in, it has more to do with too many artists applying in your same art medium and not always about your art quality. The artist is still required to claim the income for taxing purposes. This can also be done for art shows with the option of mailing them to past customers. I absolutely love combining my marketing skills and life passions to pursue our business and inspire others. If you make the customer feel at ease and comfortable to cross that outside line into your booth, then you are doing something right. The first model pictured above is interesting if space is an issue since it folds very flat with even the wheels folding in (see video). I am in the job of selling art, not frames and I try to be flexible when it comes to trying to meet the customer's needs and price points. If space is not as much as a concern, I recommend (Platform trucks Samples). Recently, numerous companies such as Squareup (The Square reader shown on right), Paypal and Etsy have come out with small credit card readers that attach to many Apple or Android smart phones or the Ipad. If your phone or other device can use this new reader, it is recommended that you switch to this chip reader from the reader that only reads magnetic strips. Also, artist should also not determine prices based on their own personal or emotional attachment to a specific art piece. When these type of shows ring up all the artist sales at their own register, they will absorb the credit card fees as well as send in the State and local sales tax that they collected from the customer for you. Travel, exploring and new adventures are a few of my passions. Frames are generally brought home from the store or framer and just hung on the wall.  In this situation, they do not have time to get damaged.  At art shows, they travel and are handled much more.  They are also out in the elements at outdoor art shows with wind, sun and rain.  If you are not careful, the packing and unpacking will eventually damage some of your more fragile art. Now Selling Frozen: By the Dozen. Try to not take this personally, if you do not get in, as this is part of the art show market. Art gallery sells Fine Art, signed limited edition art, open edition art. I feel that their rates are also reasonable. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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By adding a new Clear Bag, the image presentation looks new. Vous avez oublié votre nom d'utilisateur ou votre email ? L.A. Fabricating & Machining Ltd. I decided to try this year to offer the customer an incentive before they leave to encourage a return. We are taking a short break and will reopen our shop in January. This may be of greater value to the customer and cost me less than the monetary discount in the end. Sizes are available in a dropdown menu for many items, or are listed in the product description. Check out website for much more Details! If the customer is wondering if you take credit cards and can not find the signs, you may lose a sale. Many times at smaller art shows, physics forum homework help the artists set up displays 1'-3' out in front of their assigned 10' x 10' booth area. Come to get your hair styled and find the accessories to match your wardrobe. The booth display pictured on the right, has a very nice jewelry display. One thing to consider is looking over the artist show information packet to see if it says how close your vehicle will be to your specific art location for unloading during setup and loading after the show. I'm happy and fulfilled when spending time with Matt and our two dogs. Some shows are geared for higher priced artwork and with small local shows this may not be true.  Also the show's customer attendance, demographics and location play a roll.  Different artists have many different theories of what pricing strategy works best and it comes with experience.

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It is best not to deal with this in a negative way as this could turn off other customers in your booth. This Square reader will read the magnetic strip on the credit card. If you do get in the show, they cash your check. For selling jewelry, you need a mirror. Returns are accepted. You must contact us within 3 days to let us know you will be returning. Foam core is thicker and with the total combined thickness of the top mat, print and the foam core backing, the matted prints will not fit into many standard frames that the customer may purchase. This is a good sign since most customers think art is only offered in the sizes that they can see in your booth. Many times, they never come back. Some customers were still walking around and it is a big safety hazard as well as blocking customers from reaching other artist. Offering a discount is different than having a sale. But, the reality is that nearly all potential customers at art shows are willing to pay something between $50-$500 for my work. With the economy being poor over the last few years, many people have been buying less art. My theory is that even if you live in a very populated and spread out area such as I do near Phoenix, AZ, 7 steps to perfectly written business plan the number of people that visit art shows is a much smaller number.

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We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan. For commission work such as in paintings, many recommend charging a larger fee than your normal amount. Etsy peut vous envoyer des messages ; vous pouvez changer vos préférences dans les paramètres de votre compte. Helping your community, especially the local arts community, puts you in front of like-minded individuals. After setting up, while you may be tempted to park right close to the art show, since those spots are available before the show starts, I suggest that you leave those closer spaces for the customers. You usually do not have to pay sales tax and shipping costs are usually reasonable.  At many places, shipping can be free or discounted if you purchase enough. I show Southwest landscapes since that is the area I am in and landscapes are what Interior Designers seem to want for their corporate customers. You do want to send in your art show payment before the deadline. With Flat Deck, Dry Van and Reefer Van service. You will receive another email when they transfer the money into your bank account. Even though I feel my regular prices are reasonable, in the middle range of what other similar work sells for, I will give Interior Designers a discount. One advantage with aluminum prints is the same as in canvas prints, that you do not have to frame them which brings them closer in total price to similar sized prints that are framed. Because of this, another reason to get a card reader that reads the chip is that eventually, the banks may hold the artist responsible for any credit card fraud if you accept a credit card charge by using the magnetic strip.